LAMP U Masterclass


This LAMP U masterclass workbook provides an overview of some of the latest technologies and limited-government policy ideas in clean energy innovation, a Clean Tech 101 for elected officials, civil servants, and other policymakers who are passionate about addressing climate change through free-market approaches. The Rainey Center’s Leadership Alliance for a More Perfect Union (LAMP) is convinced government efforts to enable market forces is the way to best develop and scale green technologies faster, thereby reducing American and global emissions faster while bolstering American innovation and reducing foreign dependence. The LAMP U masterclass workbook is designed to help limited-government, market-oriented state and local policymakers formulate better policies, as well as provide a resource for other interested energy and climate leaders to this preferred approach.


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> U.S. Global Competitiveness

> Advanced Nuclear

> Carbon Capture

> Industrial Clean Technology

> Hydrogen

Final Thoughts

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